Manners Memorial Library
2200 State Avenue

Named for the late Holland Manners, former Vice President of Special Projects at Wolfram & Hart Los Angeles and twin brother to the Dean of the School of Law, Colin Manners, the Manners Memorial Library is a vast four-story structure, with a brick and mortar façade in classic academic style with a modern flair, including huge picture windows and gleaming metal accents. Since replacing the decaying Wright Library in 2002, the Manners Library has taken on the entirety of Greyson's circulating collection, a substantial array of books, videos and periodicals. Though there are some noncirculating materials held within the library's walls, they represent a bare ten percent of the available resources.

In addition to the stacks and the video/DVD collection, the library is home to two computer labs, the Babbage and Turing Campus Computing Centers, containing numerous public access terminals and scanners/printers available to all students and faculty. There's also a media center offering recording equipment and an assortment of resources to aid in the editing of photos, video and sound recordings, half a dozen private study rooms, and two conference rooms. Access to the whole of the facility is automatically granted to all students, faculty and staff; as well, the Manners Library is affiliated with Shadowgard's local library network, and anyone with a Shadowgard library card can check out materials from the circulating collection and make use of the public computer terminals. However, certain books may be placed on student reserve at the request of various faculty members, rendering them temporarily inaccessible to the general public, and only those individuals directly affiliated with Greyson are allowed to make use of the media center, the study rooms and the conference rooms.