Greyson Museum
1555 Greyson Road

Funded by a generous grant from Wolfram & Hart, the Greyson Museum is a thoroughly modern three-story glass and steel structure first erected in 1969 and upgraded frequently since that time. The central feature of the museum is an exhibit showcasing the history of Shadowgard, complete with interactive kiosks allowing access from prominent Shadowgardians' recovered journals, artifacts from throughout the area, and impressive scale models showing the original village of Shadowsgarde and the current town as it looked shortly after reincorporation, during the Civil War, at Greyson University's founding in 1890, during the Depression, in the 1960s and in the present day. There's even a children's section of the exhibit featuring miniaturized versions of town landmarks for historical role-play, and a smaller connected exhibit specifically detailing the history of Greyson University and its founders. Naturally, this last is substantially whitewashed; the occult aspects of Greyson's history are whitewashed and reduced to little more than interesting folklore, while the feud and split among the co-founders near the beginning of the twentieth century isn't mentioned at all. For all of that, however, the exhibit is a fairly accurate representation of local history.

In addition to this featured exhibit, the Greyson Museum hosts a number of traveling and seasonal exhibits, often drawing upon its own collection and offering exhibitions of alumni artists and the findings of the university's archaeologists, but occasionally brings major traveling exhibits into the Shadowgard area from museums around the world. The museum features seven state-of-the-art, perfectly climate controlled galleries of varying sizes, all with excellent security, sound, lighting and electrical systems, designed to accomodate anything from priceless collections of rare artifacts to the most advanced exhibits on cutting edge science and technology.

The museum also holds a small shop selling books and souvenirs relating to the university, the surrounding town of Shadowgard, and any seasonal exhibits currently hosted therein. As well, there is a small café called Abigail's which serves sandwiches, soups, salads and pastries in a relaxed counter-service environment; and a number of classrooms in the basement used for various university courses. Since the museum is funded primarily by the initial Wolfram & Hart grant and the contributions of various affluent donors, admission to the exhibit halls is generally free, though there is a suggested donation of ten dollars.