Queens Hall
101 Fraternitas Drive

Constructed in 1925, Queens Hall is a spacious five-story brick building of understated elegance, furnished with warm wood paneling, rich carpeting, brass light fixtures and classically styled desks and furniture. This grand old building serves as home to the Department of Political Science, the Department of International Relations, the Department of Economics and the Department of Sociology.

Though the building itself is fairly unremarkable, some students insist that it is somehow enchanted, granting good fortune to those who spend a great deal of time within its walls. A great many of the graduates of Greyson's Political Science and International Relations programs have gone on to enjoy great success in the 'real world'; in fact, half a dozen Greyson alums sit on the U.S. Senate, ten are in the House of Representatives, four are the governors of their home states, and many others hold positions of varying import. The man for whom this building was named, one Arthur Queens, was a spectacularly wealthy business tycoon with deep Irish roots, and some rumors go so far as to claim that some manner of sacred stone was secretly removed from its true home in England and Ireland and used in the foundation of the building, granting its gifts and good fortune forever after to those who tread upon it. Though the story is widely dismissed as utterly ludicrous, there is indeed something very strange about the shape of the southeast cornerstone, which seems completely out of place within the context of the rest of the building, and periodically appears to glow with its own inner light.