Fisher Hall
5 College Circle

First erected in 1892, Fisher Hall was named for anthropologist and archaeologist Cornelius Fisher, a dedicated student of the occult and -- according to rumor -- an accomplished sorcerer in his own right. Today, all of the departments he helped establish at Greyson still have their offices in the simple yet stately four-story brick building: the Department of Anthropology, the Department of Archaeology, the Department of Folklore and Mythology, and the Department of Occult Studies. All the remaining classrooms in the building also see constant use, though many of the classes associated with these departments are forced to meet elsewhere on campus each term due to space concerns.

Strangely, as far as supernatural events are concerned, Fisher Hall is currently one of the quietest locations on campus -- no mysterious deaths, no inexplicable sounds or apparitions, no bizarre incidents to speak of, though some students have reported strange lights and sounds coming from within various professors' offices late at night. It's almost as though some powerful, benevolent unknown force has placed the building under its personal protection.