Hart Hall
4 College Circle

Constructed in 1890 as part of the initial wave of construction, Hart Hall is a stately three-story stone structure, simple yet elegant in design, topped with a low, round cupola. It's named for Jebidiah Hart, one of Greyson's co-founders and a prominent lawyer of his day, the scion of the Hart family and heir apparent to the internationally famous Wolfram & Hart law firm. For many years, it served as home to the entirety of the Greyson University School of Law and the undergraduate Legal Studies program, but in the decades since the founding of the school, both programs have more than outgrown the historic yet relatively humble structure. As such, many of the law and pre-law classes have moved to the North Campus, while Hart Hall has been given over entirely to office space.

Though no one can quite put their finger on it, there is something distinctly odd about the building, a palpable aura of strangeness that inevitably affects all who linger within the structure. Virtually every professor and T.A. housed within the hall eventually turns out to be a wild eccentric of one kind or another, and many of the students have begun to whisper that something within Hart Hall is slowly driving its occupants insane. Whether this is the result of a subtle haunting, a curse upon the whole building, or something else entirely is still open to debate.