Gardner Memorial Chapel
2 College Circle

The Gardner Memorial Chapel, named for the Reverend Archibald Gardner, was one of the first buildings on Greyson's campus, erected just after Solomon Hall was completed in 1890. The structure is a vast stone cruciform chapel constructed in Gothic style, with great stained glass windows, statues of saints and angels gazing out from the walls, and gargoyles snarling and spouting water from the edges of the roof. Only a couple hundred square feet shy of qualifying as a cathedral, the Gardner Chapel would not look at all out of place in Renaissance Europe, so it looks decidedly odd on the campus of a New England university. Though many of the buildings on the main campus have a Gothic flair, none are quite so elaborate or so ornamented as the chapel, and the structure has drawn fierce criticism from several prominent architects. Nevertheless, the building is popular among many students, staff and alumni, and is frequently used by faculty and alumni for their weddings.

Though few are aware of it, every last stone of the chapel has been consecrated, so that the entire structure qualifies as holy ground. Though Gardner Memorial Chapel is a public building, vampires and many other intrinsically evil beings are unable to enter, and even those evil beings that do set foot inside the building often find their powers severely restricted. As such, the chapel is one of the few genuine safe havens on campus.

Today, the chapel still hosts most of the religious meetings and services on campus, as well as performances by various student choirs, chorales and musical groups. The building also houses the office of the University Chaplain, currently one Reverend Molly Engel, a highly progressive pastor affiliated with the United Church of Christ.