1x01 Arise
Over a year after the activation of every Slayer on the planet, a new Chosen One is discovered in the demon-haunted city of Shadowgard -- and just in time to help stop a cadre of vampires bent on throwing a cloud of darkness over the entire region.

1x02 Far Far Away
At the height of Shadowgard's annual Renaissance Faire, the whole town is abruptly turned into a fairy tale kingdom of witches, fairies, knights and more. With the entire populace oblivious to the changes, it falls to the heroes to muddle through and save the day.

1x03 Blood and Brine
When a local tourist trap museum of myths and curiosities adds a "genuine Homo icthyus lovecraftus" to its collection, Baz finds that the preserved corpse truly speaks to him -- all too literally.

1x04 Turning and Turning
Forced to repeat the same day over and over, the Angels must fight their own mounting tensions and frustrations while they search frantically for the key to their freedom.

1x05 The Scientist
Zack's pledging efforts put him directly in the line of fire when someone or something begins to pick off prospective Gamma Lambda Mus one by one.

1x06 Night Terrors
A mystical epidemic spreads throughout Greyson's campus, as student after student begins to sleepwalk to their doom. Meanwhile, with her nineteenth birthday swiftly approaching, Taryn dreams of her missing father.

1x07 The Widening Gyre, Part I
Halloween has come to Shadowgard, and this time, it's Samhain in the classic tradition. The beloved dead have returned, bringing new surprises and revelations along with them -- and the returnees include figures from the Angels' shrouded pasts.

1x08 The Widening Gyre, Part II
With the true nature and purpose of the returnees revealed, Taryn, Mercy and the others set off on a desperate quest to unlock the secrets of Avalon House before the hive-minded demon Moritadeles completes its awful plan.

1x09 The Falcon and the Falconer
Badly shaken by recent events, Taryn is kidnapped - along with her mother - by Skoros and his associates, and brought to their new base somewhere in town. While the Shadowgard Slayer tries to escape, the rest of the team works with the recently completed prototype Slayerbot, Danielle Warden, to rescue her from the outside.

1x10 Asymmetry
While testing one of Meredith's inventions, Zack is suddenly thrown into an alternate universe where men have been extinct for untold eons and, somehow, only women have managed to remain - leaving the newly-minted Melinda Marshall to convince the others that the reality she remembers is the truth.

1x11 Milestones
Baz is drawn out to the Atlantic Ocean by mysterious dreams which seem to be summoning him to a rite of passage, and while there, he finally meets the 'friend of a friend' who is destined to become a Triton as well. Meanwhile, Zack is again forced to get in touch with his feminine side, as Melinda Marshall returns for no apparent reason - and this time, all his friends remember exactly how things are meant to be.

1x12 Sugarplum Dreams
Santa Claus: jolly old elf or evil murderer of children? A careless wish causes an all-out war on Christmas that just might bring the Angels to trash their own trees and tinsel.

1x13 Ceremonies of Innocence
Raven and Skoros come face-to-face with the Angels again, as they launch an all-out assault on the gang to try and win the blood of two different Slayers. When Taryn finally comes into their power, the identity of Shadowgard's other Slayer is at last revealed.

1x14 Sins
When the Strummer family comes under attack, James' father finally reveals the secrets of his past and enlists his son's aid in tying up some of his loose ends. Back in Shadowgard, Baz sets about discovering another part of his personal destiny.

1x15 Stupid Cupid
Roped into playing the part of Cupid for the week of Valentine's Day, Zack finds himself getting a little too much into the role. Meanwhile, Taryn undergoes a sudden and severe personality shift.

1x16 Spiritus Mundi
When Rannoch's coven unleashes an ancient evil bound to the land centuries ago, the Angels discover that they must appeal to the 'ancestral champions' to help them fight it - and that means calling on high school hero Teddy Bernsfield.

1x17 Convention of the Gods
In the wake of recent events, Poe calls for a convocation of tricksters, using the opportunity to introduce James Strummer as his formal champion. But when James' place in the order of things is challenged, he must prove himself worthy of Poe's gifts, while his friends desperately try to keep the remaining group of very bored divine comics contained.

1x18 Chance
A prize hard-won on patrol offers the Angels the opportunity to go back in time and try and change events in each of their lives for the better, resulting in chaos throughout the timestream and a desperate effort to set things right.

1x19 Schoolhouse Rock
The Angels awake one morning to find themselves in the bodies of their high school counterparts, and must brave the heightened horror of adolescence on a Hellmouth while searching desperately for some solution to their predicament.

1x20 Depth
After inadvertently revealing his Triton form to some of his fellow students, Baz suddenly finds himself dealing with a gaggle of Lovecraft-loving groupies -- and as if that wasn't bad enough, his fan club soon begins to assume a disturbing resemblance to a cult.

1x21 What Rough Beast
Attempting to 'hack' their way into the dimension where Avalon is hidden, the Angels end up dropping in on another plane entirely, granting them a glimpse through the glass darkly as well as an unforgettable lesson in the mechanics of destiny.

1x22 Hour Come Round
Preparing for an epic showdown with Rannoch's coven, Taryn and her friends at last find their way to Avalon -- and as the final battle hits, questions are answered, machinations are revealed, and new courses are set for the future.