Maeve Maddock       II. The High Priestess

Full Name Dr. Maeve Kathleen O'Connor Maddock
Actor Julianne Moore
Birthdate 9 August 1962
Birthplace Somerville, MA
Parents Liam Sean O'Connor (b. 1923, d. 1994)
Agatha Shannon Hawthorne O'Connor (b. 1931)
Siblings Taryn Raicheal O'Connor (b. 1962, d. 1974)
Bridget Shannon O'Connor (b. 1971)
Spouse David Theodore Maddock (b. 1961, d. 2003)
Children Gavin Connor Maddock (b. 1984)
Taryn Bridget Maddock (b. 1985)
Raicheal Kathleen Maddock (b. 1985)
Kimberly Candace Maddock (b. 1986)
Erin Shae Maddock (b. 1990, d. 1990)
Occupation Chair of Folklore and Mythology, Greyson University, Shadowgard, MA
Residence 1077 Sewall Road, Shadowgard, MA

A fifth-generation Irish-American girl born to a blue-collar father from New York and a native daughter of Somerville, Maeve O'Connor demonstrated a fierce intelligence early on that carried her to the top of her high school class, earned her a full scholarship to Harvard University and sent her sailing through her graduate work in folklore and mythology. Though her infamously hot temper occasionally brought her into conflict with older, more respected scholars and authorities within her chosen field, her inner strength, irrepressible spirit and undeniable academic talents served to make up for her flaws -- and, in her sophomore year, helped attract and hold the interest of David Maddock, the man who would become her college sweetheart and eventually her husband. The two married shortly after their graduation, and David continued to work at -- and eventually managed to buy out -- the antiques shop that had supported him through college, while Maeve went on to years of graduate work at her original alma mater, eventually earning her doctorate, slightly ahead of the average student. Shortly afterward, she began teaching at Tufts University, providing a much-needed supplement to their rapidly growing family's income. Though the Maddocks struggled at first, they eventually prospered, building a life of genuine contentment. Things seemingly couldn't get better.

Perhaps that sentiment was all too true: in the spring of 2003, David was killed in a car accident while on his way to an appointment, and the entire Maddock family was left devastated. Each reacted in their own way, but Maeve threw herself into her work, retreating from her children, desperate to support them with her income alone and shield herself from any more losses. Several months after David died, an old college friend offered her a lucrative position as the Chair of the Department of Folklore and Mythology at Greyson University, and seeing no other option, Maeve readily accepted. She sold the family home and transplanted what was left of the Maddock family to Shadowgard, where Taryn chose to remain for college, attending the school that now employed her mother, while Candace grudgingly but inevitably transferred to North High for her senior year. Rae left for a year in Europe, while Gavin, for the moment, continued to throw himself into his schoolwork.

As it stands now, Maeve is gradually coming back out into the world, recognizing that her children are in pain as well and resuming her former protective attitude toward them. Though her job keeps her busy, she's doing her best to make time and renew ties with what's left of her family, trying to regain some closeness to her daughters. This is somewhat complicated by Taryn's status as the Slayer and her firm conviction that her father is alive, both of which the eldest Maddock girl has chosen to keep secret for now. Still, their relationship is on the mend, as is Maeve's connection to her youngest. The Maddock family matriarch is, as ever, loving, supportive, and gradually returning to her former warmth.