Candace Maddock       Page of Cups

Full Name Kimberly Candace Maddock
Actor Kristen Bell
Player Autumn
Birthdate 21 December 1986
Birthplace Boston, MA
Parents David Theodore Maddock (b. 1961, d. 2003)
Dr. Maeve Kathleen O'Connor Maddock (b. 1961)
Siblings Gavin Connor Maddock (b. 1984)
Taryn Bridget Maddock (b. 1985)
Raicheal Kathleen Maddock (b. 1985)
Erin Shae Maddock (b. 1990, d. 1990)
Occupation Student, North High School, Shadowgard, MA
Residence 1077 Sewall Road, Shadowgard, MA

As the baby of the Maddock family, Candace's role was assigned long ago and is now well-established -- and, to be fair, it seems to suit her well. The blonde tends to be the softest and most blatantly feminine of the Maddock sisters, a fairly shy and self-effacing young woman who seems most passionate about cheerleading, horses and whirlwind dating. Though she occasionally shows surprising reserves of courage and self-confidence, she tends to come off as vulnerable more than anything else. Both her mother and her eldest sister remain extremely protective of her.

For the moment, Candace still represents something of an enigma to Taryn in particular -- the sisters have never been especially close, and the blonde frequently seems to contradict herself. Despite her apparent boy-craziness, Candace has been seen in tender moments with her best friend, Julie DuPris, even going so far as to kiss her at their father's funeral. She's also demonstrated a surprising aptitude for martial arts, occasionally seems to display insight beyond her apparent experience (usually covering it up again with her next sentence), and seems to be able to cast her vulnerability aside on those rare occasions when it apparently suits her. It may be that she's simply finding herself, but there are clearly layers to Candace's being beyond the surface she shows to the world.