Meredith Barnes       VI. The Lovers

Full Name Meredith Kay Barnes
Actor Amy Davidson
Birthdate 17 March 1986
Birthplace Las Vegas, NV
Parents Dr. John George Barnes (b. 1945)
Dr. Kay Susan Ashcroft Barnes (b. 1952)
Siblings LCpl. John George Barnes, Jr. (b. 1983)
Kenneth Michael Barnes (b. 1988)
Henry Victor Barnes (b. 1992)
Occupation Student, Greyson University, Shadowgard, MA
Residence 804B Harcourt Hall, 2100 Greyson Road, Shadowgard, MA
1394 Aberdeen Road, Seattle, WA

The daughter of a retired military scientist and a widely renowned surgeon, Meredith Barnes certainly inherited the lion's share of the brains in her family, demonstrating an extraordinary intellect at a very young age. In grade school, she was studying physics; by high school, she was devouring quantum theory. She chose Greyson largely because of the opportunities presented by Gamma Lambda Phi, and has already demonstrated the startling ability to put her understanding of the theoretical underlying mechanics of the universe to practical use, experimenting with devices that touch on the very fabric of reality.

When she's not spouting technobabble or doing quantum math in her head, however, Meredith comes across as a fairly normal, personable, undoubtedly bright but down-to-earth girl. She tends toward slightly flirtatious behavior, demonstrating chemistry with Zack Marshall and Baz Olmstead from the start, but is also a loyal friend and surprisingly open-minded person. Though she has no supernatural abilities or destiny of her own, she assists however she can, and is largely an honorary member of the inner circle nonetheless.